Prospect diagnostics
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  Prospect Diagnostics are proud to be a pro-active and influential force in the
UK point of care sector.

Representing several leading medical device and in-vitro diagnostics manufacturers across Europe, our experienced customer care team provides comprehensive sales, service and technical support to customers - UK wide.

Our portfolio also includes a range of peripheral products specifically designed to meet the needs of point of care coordinators and practitioners.

Prospect Diagnostics Limited

Viking Court
31 Princess Road
S18 2LX

Tel: 01246 292 955
Fax: 01246 292 966


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FebriDx instructional video


Hemo Control &

Hemo Control Manager




NPi-200 Pupillometer 


tHb CueSee® control material



Haemoglobin and Glucose

EQA scheme


Haemolance+ Safety Lancets

  Acti-Lance® Safety Lancets


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